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Sticks And Stones Pearl Necklace
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Sticks And Stones Pearl Necklace

Do you remember the old saying "Sticks and Stones may break my bones...?"  If not, don't fret. This necklace packs a punch with pearlized Swarovski crystals and long in the tooth swinging silver 'sticks'.
No one's gonna mess you with in this cool doozy of a necklace.
Silver plated chains, components and clasp.
Swarovski Lavender, Cream Rose, and Peach Beads.

Sticks measure 1"-2"L; Beads measure 1/4" & 6/8" diameter.
Total length approx. 18"L.

Handmade in NYC by NolaBella Jewelry.
Price: $148.00


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